• Anonymous

    Hi mama Kaye,

    just wanted to share a testimony with you. it’s been over 10 years as of March 10th since I had an abortion. for the first time I did not wake up depressed on that day. I wasn’t thinking about it at all that day. I actually had to remember which date on that month it actually happened. this has never happened to me ever in the past 10 years. and I know this is only as a result of what has happened to my life through reclaim. 

    so with all that said, thank you for giving me my first year of peace from my past after 10 years of torments. 

    I love you,
    A Devoted ReClaimer

  • Anonymous

    Thank God for you Dr. Kaye. You have made me to feel your love for me as an individual as well as a part of ReClaim. So grateful am I to be considered a friend. Things I learned from you have become a part of me for the rest of my life.

    Just last week, I was able to communicate with a cunning serial “groper” co-worker that I would not tolerate his brushing against me and that in the future he would need to go around the long way rather than go near me. Of course he said he didn’t know. Dr. Kaye, his profile is very similar to the one you posted. That was a huge step for me to redefine myself as powerful rather than a victim. In the past, I never knew what to do in this circumstance. Now I remember Dr. Kaye let me know that I can protect myself at this stage of life. And she is right.

    Not minimizing the trauma that occurs, but I am engaged in the battle now. Planning strategies, redirecting my considerable anger and hostility, and reclaiming my voice. Protecting the girl. I feel so much adrenaline as I write this. There has been so much growth and I feel stronger and stronger.

    Thank you so much, Dr. Kaye. ReClaim ripples throughout the world.

    Love you Sooo much!

  • BeautyForAshes

    Dr. Kaye is a true woman of God!!! I dare you—– to take the first step, to
    be set free of any sexual abuse—- she will be there to vindicate you
    of it!!!! Don’t let people and the world lie to you any longer—-
    especially family members, who are *uneducated* about what it does to a
    child’s life……… or those who are trying to hide from THE TRUTH… Dr.
    Kaye will give you full clarity and understand beyond your imagination,
    let her heal your hurt—- because YOU DESERVE TO HEAL!!!!!   Thank you Dr. Kaye——– I Love this

  • KB

    Dr. Kaye is a phenomenal woman–my life is forever changed.  Thank you, Dr. Kaye, for being one of the beautiful examples of what unconditional love looks like…

  • Anonymous

    My life is blessed because of this woman and her passion. After my wife went through ReClaim, I recognized a drastic change in her personality and in her character. She walked with a bounce in her step. Looking back, if my wife had not gone through ReClaim, I am not sure where we would be right now, if we could have survived. I can you this, that the change in my wife, provoked me to change in my own. It took time to get use to this new woman, but I soon realized I to needed to change for the better. Thank you Dr Kaye, for saving my wife and ultimately saving our marriage! We love you and will continue to support you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1389124664 Monchaily Hendricks

    Yes, I love my momma! She’s phenomenal, patient, understanding, full of love and just down right REAL! Love, love, love my momma!! :)

  • Ms. ‘P’

    EXTRAORDINARY, EXTRA-ORDINARY!!!  Dr. Kaye Smith is a Phenomenal Woman.  Her wisdom, knowledge and compassion for; sensitivity and understanding of; along with her professional expertise and boldness, combined with her love make for a woman who is totally dedicated to the cause of victims receiving their healing from childhood sexual abuse.  Not only that, but Dr. Kaye has a heartfelt concern to speak out, shout out, so that our children and our children’s children will no longer be victims of this heinous crime. 

    Thanks to all of the ReClaimer’s who spoke so well about Dr. Kaye. You’ve done an incredible job in detailing SOME of what she is  I don’t have words to describe the incredible difference she and the ReClaim Program has made in my life, it has given me life. Thanks for saying it for me.

    May I encourage you, all over America, and all over the world, to give full support to this much needed organization…..No More Silent Crimes, No More Silent Children!   

  • GirlyChef

    What can I say about Dr. Kaye that has not already been said? She is a remarkable woman! So passionate, and loving. Her expertise, wisdom, and deep compassion for sexual abuse victims is unmatched by anyone else I know. She is truly one of the most extraordinary people I know! I am a new woman because of my interactions with her. My children are safe because of her insight, the world has been waiting for her, and I guarantee once you know her you will never forget her!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.archer.75 Dawn Archer

    This is a great synopsis of just how a few ladies have been touched by ReclaimGlobal and Dr. Kaye. You can trust her.