• usnseal

    Reclaim for men has been life changing for me. I never thought I would qualify for being a part of reclaim but I am so glad I changed my mind. I not only qualified, I found out things about myself that were buried deep with in my soul. I became transparent and dealt with these issues with a group of awesome men and the healing began. I am a new man but my journey has only begun. I’m now healing my inner soul and dedicated on helping others to do the same. Thank you Dr. Kaye for giving myself and others the chance to realize suppressing our inner child is not the answer.

  • Dr. Kaye

    I want these gentlemen to know that I am so proud of them for following the process of ReClaim. Geez, it was a long journey, but we had some fun too, especially at the beat downs. (You know!) You guys are awesome. Thank you for putting your whole self in — you absolutely deserve to heal. You are triumphant men. I love each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart. Stay faithful to honor the process of ReClaim.

  • hodgimo

    ReClaim has helped me so much. Growing up i always felt i was a bad child……..All the sex, mischievous behavior, and violence………i was lashing out at everyone around me because of the pain of my childhood……well, the PAIN of my childhood has no more power over me. Thank you Dr. Kaye……

  • Outsidelooking

    I am so happy to see that you had these classes for men too. They deserved the right to heal also.