• Linda Archer

    I become very frustrated when I see family and friends who I know are dealing with past abuse, but they for some reason don’t choose to come to the conferences. With this next phase they might watch what we are doing and get the help they need to make there life better. I am excited to be a part of such an important life changing event. I want to change how the world looks at this terrible crime being inflicted on children all over the world. I want the shame and secret to be taken away, so that in my life time I could see a diffrence in how people view sexual abuse. This new phase is going to make that possible.

  • Candise

    There is a horrific injustice that has been hidden and ignored for too long. In that meeting, I saw the spark that will ignite the fire of healing, truth, and restoration to a world that desperately needs it. I saw “the healed” preparing to be agents of healing, the once ashamed stepping out in boldness, the ex-captives suiting up as this generations brave liberators. The transformation that I noticed in the women who occupied that room speaks for itself, and its a transformation that every victim of sexual abuse has a right to. I’m grateful for Reclaim Global and can’t wait to see it win in the war on sexual abuse!!!

  • Doubletake

    When I look at my daughter and see her smile and play, I know that Reclaim is where I need to be because I can help bring smile to another child’s face and take away the darkness that lingers around them.

  • BeautyForAshes

    God knows I was petrified to come to conference with I 1st started Reclaim… However, thank God, “I honored the process” & continued to come back ea. time… It gets easier to come!!! I can tell you the information you learn while at this this last and final conference in Oct…. will be your last chance to go threw the best detox program you will ever find in the nation….. It’s not like any 3-step program you’ve every heard of, or attended… Dr. Kaye is better than any medication your Psychiatrist has ever prescribed for you… They make money off of your co-dependency and the pharmacist make money off of your continued dedication to take the pill they prescribed you… How about you take a leap of faith and get a second opinion, come to the conference in October and be loosed from ever having to “park on crazy street” any longer or take another pill to calm you down… The teaching of Dr. Kaye is mind blowing, literally, it will give you more perspective than you’ve ever been given in any counseling session you’ve ever attended only to not get the answers and results you thought you would… Although, this is not a faith based organization… The information and tools Dr. Kaye offers is clearly, “heaven sent”…. It can never be duplicated, when it comes from God himself!!!
    I’ve been through the Reclaim process once & have a new profound perspective and TRUTH about all the WHY’S in my life… I have a clear understand of why, my behaviors, ruled my life and where they all came from (my abuse) which was NOT MY FAULT!!!!! God is truly up to something gigantic when he put this vision in Dr. Kaye’s heart & I’m so humble to her for answering the call to do Reclaim & now to go Global/Worldwide.. This is a worldwide epidemic that requires and DEMANDS a worldwide response!!!!!
    Let’s Do It—————

    • Anonymous

      Who is this? Is this Granger. IF so, it can wait to get posted on the Men’s Blog. LMK who this is?? Don’t publish til we talk…
      I want to grammar correct, things like 3 ‹ 12 step…

      I’m blown away by this. Just don’t know who it is?

  • Dr. K

    We can do this, ReClaimers, we can go where no person has gone before and heal victims of childhood sexual abuse. We must do this — hearts are waiting for us to come. Dr. K

  • Anonymous

    We must ReClaim the innocence of our children!

  • Crystal

    Dr. Kaye helped us to realize the vision of ReClaim Global simple its about “The Children” helping them so they will not have have fifty years of torrment. We need to be their voice in our country, sexual abuse will no longer be the silent crime.

  • sarabell1

    DK. Thank you for starting Recaim. I am excited to hear what is happening next. I can’t wait until the whole world gets healed just like us Reclaimers.

  • Susan

    As a Reclaimer, I am very excited about the future plans of our organization! It will take commitment and a lot of work on the part of all Reclaimers, for these plans to become realized, but I know that we are up to it! We WILL stop child abuse!

  • Halley

    I am excited about the lives that Reclaim Global WILL change. It definitely changed mine. It allowed me to look at myself and say “I love you” for the first time. I always thought that there were special things about me but never thought that I, as a whole, was special. Reclaim, Dr K, and my classmates/new family, will forever hold a place in my heart for the freedom I’ve been given.

  • LaLaDee

    I am excited to see this vision unfold. It is excited to be a part of this life changing group. The next phase is a great way of reaching the masses.

  • dietrice

    I now have the tools to choose a better life. I no longer own the shame of my abuse. No matter how old you are, you owe it to yourself to reclaim your life. Pleae don’t allow another day to pass without making a decison to be free. If you would like to do something but don’t know what or how, start with helping us spread the word via donations and social media.
    It is the right of every child to have the best childhood possible. Join us. Help us stop/end Childhood Sexual Abuse.
    If you are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, let us help you not just survive, but thrive.

  • Shawn W.

    I believe 1000% in the Reclaim process & Im very excited about the vision to help other hurting women! Since I made the connection with Reclaim, I’m finally FREE! I also feel vindicated, because after 29 years, I witnessed my rapist being sentenced to 100 years in prison for, NOT what he did to me, but for what he did to a 12 yr. old girl! She was brave enough to do what I couldn’t. That young lady is my SHEro! I realized that these sick perverts don’t stop after they’ve left us alone, THEY JUST MOVE ON TO THE NEXT VICTIM, and the NEXT, and the NEXT! (He was 18 then & 47 the day he was sentenced….there are other victims that testified against him in court) And WE MUST STOP THEM!!

  • Nina

    “Moving into our future” in the next phase of ReClaim Global means setting the foundation to build healing, freedom, and safe places for children everywhere. It means not idly standing by while the epidemic goes unnoticed, uncared about, and unaddressed. My eyes have been opened to this horror and I was shocked to find out how common it is for people like me to be out in the world unaware of how much their lives have been shaped by what happened to them and hurting with no answers and nowhere to turn. Our answer has come.

    This meeting solidified how serious Dr. Kaye and all of us ReClaimers are about bringing awareness and healing and I am so proud to be at the ground level of such a program. We deserve to live normal lives: unafraid, unashamed, and no longer listening to the abused versions of ourselves. I will not live a victim driven life and thanks to this program, the rest of the world won’t have to either. It is time the world understands people everywhere will be reclaiming their lives and stepping up to shield our children. It has already begun.

  • DW

    The next phase is going to be huge!! I am excited about this. So many lives will be touched.


    When I first heard about the next step with Reclaim, I was floored to find out the level that Reclaim is climbing. When I got up off the floor (lol).. Not only was I excited, but I was fully on board and ready to help in anyway possible. Imagine millions getting the kind of help I got. Shoot, that’s why we have so much jacked up people in this flipping world. We walk around acting like we don’t know what the heck is going on. I am trying not to cuss. Breatheeeeee!!!!!

  • Cocoabutterchef

    I feel funny saying that this is the meeting I have been waiting for, but this is the meeting I have been waiting for! I am excited about the direction ReClaim is going in. There were so many times during the meeting where I wanted to jump up and shout, YES! EXACTLY!!!! and so many times where I wanted to cry. This is the same program that some years ago, I was afraid to even walk in the door to, and now I will stand with Dr. Kaye and my sisters to take ReClaim Global around the world! We will make history! As a matter of fact, we are making history! It is time for the movement to begin!

  • Andrea

    I am so excited to be a part of this movement for Reclaim. I used to feel so embarrassed and ashamed about my abuse but I have reclaimed my freedom. I am ready to shake the world, to help our mothers understand how to recognize abuse, and to protect our little ones from this horrific crime. Our mothers must understand that sexual abuse is not something that we take lightly, or sweep under the rug. We are exposing these perverts for who they are and we are telling their dirty little secrets. I am so fired up and ready. No more will our babies be afraid to go to sleep at night. No more! No more. Its time ladies, lets go educate some mothers and rescue oir children.

  • Andrea

    I am so excited to be a Reclaimer. I used to feel so embarrassed and ashamed about my sexual abuse. Now, I have Reclaimed my freedom and I am so ready and excited to help change the world. To shake the world and help our mothers understand that sexual abuse is NOT to be taken lightly. Lookout world, cause here we come. No More! will we allow these filthy perverts to put their nasty hands on our children. I am so fired up and ready to save our children. No more silent crimes! Silent Children.

  • Tanya

    Mama Kaye,

    The next phase of ReClaim Global is going to be awesome. I am looking forward to watching the television from my home…..Yeah, I know it’s not a reality show yet, but I see this vision and birth of this in the making soon. I am on board. In the meeting on September 2nd, I felt like I was leaping up and down with all of the details of what is to come. I am glad to be apart of this wonderful movement. I support this movement 110% and I am going to try my best to get some money into ReClaim Global for the television program. The statics you provided at the meeting is just heart breaking with knowing how many people are being sexually abuse one in every three……than by 2020….the statics on that as well what it will be……my heart breaks. Heavy, Heavy does my heart feel and knowing that in my own home: three out of four of us were sexually abused…..so that makes me think does the world have those statics right? I too believe the statics on Sexual Abuse has increased and will continue to increase unless we stop it. I love what you are doing and glad to be apart.

    What else can I offer to the organization my story….I will tell it all. Tell it some more and than again. The law decided it was not enough that I told and he thought he got away, but I am still fighting. Fighting for others.

  • Melisha Brinkley

    Oh! how exciting it is to see Reclaim Global move into the next phase! It is going to change this world more than can be seen today! After going through the program, I could clearly see the dsyfunction that I had been accepting for so many years. I believe every person deserves the opportunity to see and understand their dysfunction and have the opportunity to heal! Reclaim Global can do that for this nation! Thank you, Dr. Kaye!

  • ReinventingMyself

    The world needs ReClaim! So many adult women are suffering in their relationships, in their choice making abilities, or in so many other facets of life. This next phase of ReClaim is going to bring healing to the masses. Yes, we have ONE MORE CONFERENCE, but then ReClaim will have a different platform. ReClaim can be held back no longer.

  • Faith

    Dr. Kaye has inspired me even more to help stop child abuse! We have to do everything we can to prevent little girls from going through what we went through day after day, night after night, weeks after weeks, months after months, and years after years. ReClaim’s healing method is a must for the entire world to experience.

  • Dee Dee

    NO SHAME….I REPEAT. NO SHAME. While spreading the word today about the vision God has placed in our hands, hearts and minds for ReClaim, I realized, I am talking to two people I have only shared “How’s the weather” type conversations with ABOUT MY SEXUAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE and I feel NO SHAME!?!! That is what ReClaim has allowed me to learn how to have. I shared my story in a way that must have even conveyed humor and peace because they were dismayed at my story but I never made them feel that RUN AWAY RUN AWAY feeling (you know–uncomfortable) But they felt encouraged and CONGRATULATED ME?!? on being a part of the change!!! You can to by supporting this awesome awesome (did I say awesome?) group. You are here because you care…I know it. You are here because you are sick of the sickness in the world…I know that too. You are here also because you are ready to REALLY walk in His image he created for you, not the one that was forced on you. Walk in His image with me. Take my hand for I am your sister and will not leave you behind.

  • Eve R

    I believe this can have great impact in our communities especially within ourselves. As Dr Kaye has repeated “this needs to be put in people’s faces”. I cannot believe that we live in a world that this epidemic is still to be kept silent. What I have already received from the conference and meetings is to speak freely and have peace; that I have been marked by God and not by the hands of what someone else did to me. I did not deserve what happened to me and others need to know that as well.

  • KB

    It is so exciting to be able to see this thing in its beginnings…to realize that we can, with the vision Dr. K has been advancing–this devinely inspired vision–we can see this disease wiped out–I believe it is going to make a huge impact at an unprecedented rate–healing to the masses, rescue for the children…in my personal beliefs, I think we will get to heaven one day and see a digital number on the wall–the number of children who were never molested because the women of ReClaim came along and put an end to sexual abuse!

    • katwill911@yahoo.com

      I love what you said about the digital number on the wall! I am also confident in this very thing, that ReClaim will save many children from sexual abuse, because we are standing firm in what we believe! This is our time now, no more secrets!

  • Anonymous

    I attended this meeting. As Dr Kaye, began unfolding the plans for the next phase of ReClaim, I thought to myself, “this is reasonable, we can do this, this is history in the making.” In the eyes of my heart, I began to visualize a future for this world, where ReClaim has become hope to the hopeless. A world where children Can and Will be able to sleep peacefully in their own homes. A world where there has been a deluge of cries from children that are hurt and tormented, will now become a deluge of laughter and peace, because ReClaim has sounded the trumpet. We are determined to see this through. I am so very confident that Dr Kaye have the necessary tools. She said something that I will never forget….. If 1 in 33 children were to be infected with polio, what would we do? We would quickly find a cure….. Americans and other nations effected, will raise monies to find a cure. Well, our world is infected with sexual abuse..At an even greater number than the hypothetical amount listed above for polio….. We have a cure for it, now we need financial support to see this through. I am also excited about this upcoming conference in October. Everyone that has ever been sexually abused need to be in attendance. This is the last ReClaim conference.

    • Dee Dee

      Your excitement for this cause can be felt through my screen. Keep fighting for the children. Keep fighting for their future. Keep fighting for their uninterrupted and peaceful sleep. For Every step, every effort, made for GOOD is never made in vain.

      • Tanya

        I second that Dee Dee, never in vain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a fight.

  • Dr. K

    ReClaimers — I think we can do this next phase of ReClaim Global. The world needs to be healed. Let’s take our healing method to the millions. Like us, they deserve to heal. Let’s begin our fight for the voiceless — by using our own voice to tell the world: SEXUAL ABUSE MUST BE STOPPED. Dr. K

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your compassion an willingness to step out in this vision! My life has changed for the better. I am confident that we will far exceed our goal in establishing taking this vision to the world.

    • Tanya

      Yes, Mama Kaye,

      Using our voice is what we have to start with…..This has got to be talked about. Everyone deserves to heal and not have to endure the shame of something that does not belong to them. The abuser owns the shame, hurt, damage, pain, and a life time sentence of not for getting what they have done (hopefully behind bars)!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sonya

      I am excited that this Vision (ReClaim) will now be spread globally. I believe a lot of women are hurting that have experienced sexual abuse, They have supressed the hurt that they felt as a child and a young adult. Women believe that they do not hurt any longer or they think that the abuse does not affect any part of their lives any longer. As ReClaim becomes global those that thought they were healed will realize that they were still holding on to some that sexual abuse that happened to them in their youth. This abuse can affect your marriage, you being a parent, you being a fellow co-worker. Please don’t live your life another day with this suppressed hurt. This program has set me and many others free. It is time to deal with this sexual abuse that has happened to you. Get free today. SL