• Anonymous

    i wished i lived in Jacksonville so that i can get the full effect of it.  everyone that has been sexually abused need this, so that they can take their life back…

  • sara bell

    Being sexually abused is like sinking in the darkest, deepest, coldest ocean, with no swimming knowledge or any way to surface.
    Being sexually abused is like falling into quick sand, the more you struggle the more you sink.
    Being sexually abused is like having a dark cloud in your mind, that no towel can dry, no wiper blade can clear, and no sun can shine.
    Being sexually abused is like putting on blinders; you can not see to the side of you, you can not see behind you, you can not see ahead, just what you think is happening now — usually doom and gloom.
    Being sexually abused is like feeling you’re on a deserted island, but you’re really in the middle of New York.
    Being sexually abused is like screaming, but no one hears.
    Being sexually abused causes one to think like a record that has a skip on only the negative.
    Being sexually abused is like living in the movie Ground Hog Day where you relive your abuse over and over again in your mind.
    Being sexually abused is like being in a relationship with your perpetrator for the rest of your life… you hear his voice, you abuse yourself, and you see others as your perpetrator
    Being sexually abused is like being out in the ocean, in the middle of a storm, where the waves crash over you over and over again, choking you, and drowning you.
    Being sexually abused is like having a life sentence in jail.
    Being sexually abused is like having a death sentence, but you never die.
    Being sexually abused is like dreaming of someone chasing you; but you never escape.
    Being sexually abused is like falling in your sleep, but you never hit the ground.
    Being sexually abused is like living a lie, wearing a mask, and being an actress.

  • sara bell

    I just came from a ReClaim meeting and I’m so excited about the direction that it is going. We are going to have a reality tv show, a banquet, a press confernces, and we now have our own flag that we want to travel around the US to show that we will be silent NO MORE ABOUT SEXUAL ABUSE. It is hard for me to do fundraisers, but it is worth it when Dr. Kaye has volunteered her free time — which would seem to be unlimited, to help me get out of the hell that was my life because of my sexual abuse. I have to get out of my comfort zone and stand up for what I believe in. It is time to put the money where my mouth is — literally!!!!

  • Cwill8920

    What a extraordinary event that took place on saturday at the Reclaim Globe Rally. The fight against SEXUAL ABUSE EPIDEMIC. My wife is a RECLAIMER, Thanks to Dr.Kaye and reclaim globe. She is courageous
    more enthusiastic excited about life. She so much more vibrant and energetic after Dr. Kaye counciling at
    reclaim globe, What a phenomenal transformation, I witness from the victimized anguished devastated
    woman i meet fifteen years ago. She doesn’t display any more antagonistic behavior, she is no longer
    apprehensive thanks to Dr.Kaye and Reclaim Globe. Its not easy it take work to become a over comer.
    Before my wife found reclaim globe she was one of millions of woman who were sexual abuse. She was
    demoralized, broke dejected. Many nights she would say why me, why this had to happen to me. For me
    it was disheartened to see my wife with so much anguished. Before reclaim my wife sexual abuse was a
    devastating part of our marriage. Her behavior was antagonistic towards me and our children it was a hurtful
    time in our lives. My wife is a great wife and mother she is compassionate towards her family and devoted to us.Thanks to Dr.kaye Reclaim globe and every individual that supports reclaim globe thank you all.

  • Katwill911

    Dr Kaye said something at this last conference that I will never forget. I may not get the figures just right but here is something similar to what she shared. What would we do if 33% of our kids were diagnosed with polio? What would our response be to such an obvious epidemic? Statistic state 1 of 3 girls at being abused and 1 of 6 boys are abused. While I am convinced the numbers are a lot worst then this, provided the current statistic, why is there so little response to this epidemic??!! We have to support ReClaim in this movement. I am so excited about the conference in October. I always walk away from every conference, more informed, inspired and motivated. I have no doubt that this conference will far exceed my expectations, as it has in the prior conferences. I am sure we will see new faces and similar faces because we know Dr Kaye have the answer to getting the word out about this epidemic and healing victims of abuse.

  • Katwill911

    This morning I read the fl times union, and on the front page of Metro, featured the details of yesterday’s conference. ReClaim hosted the Holocaust of innocence tour and documentary project. There was not a dry eye in the audience. I believe several, if not all, individuals attending this conference, left knowing it was time to take action in increasing the awareness of sexual abuse. We heard stories of abuse and sex trafficking rings taking place here on US soil. We hear about the pedophiles that get caught, but what about the ones we don see, the, “smart ones” that know how to maneuver through the justice system and never get caught. We can not fight an enemy that we don’t see, as one of the speakers stated yesterday. Children are being transported by the bus loads to other countries to be hired as sex slaves. We have to do something about this. I am convinced now more then ever, that it is our time to fight and be heard and make a change! Dr Kaye, I am with you all the way!

  • Mimi

    I was empowered by the conference and encourages to keep trying to make changes to our laws to protect our two little grandsons who are being abused by their father and unprotected by their mother, our daughter.
    The laws need to be changed in favor of the children.. We teach children to tell someone you trust.  The people the children tell have to be their voice.  I know from our experience reporting that nothing is done unless the children disclose.  I had months of documentation and my husband and I were guided by two trained therapist, with over sixty years combined experience in treating and identifying sexually abused children.  We were told what to do and when to report.  David Wilkins wrote the lead letter in the T-U bragging that Florida has the toughest reporting laws in the nation.  Reporting means nothing if DCF, JSO does nothing and the children are still in the home a year and a half later.  Did you know that Sexual Abuse investigators with DCF do not work after five or on weekends.  They send a regular investigator.  The investigator interviews the children while the parents are in the home.  Duh?  Let us work to change the laws; err on the side of the child.  The people the children trust and tell have to to be the childrens voice.  Our grandsons were still in diapers when the abuse started.  How does an infant/toddler  disclose when they are non verbal?

  • sarabell

    Reclaim Rap
    Every time I go to Reclaim, I think man this is awesome,
    How I’m startin’ to see the reclaim vision start to blossom.
    I see my sisters startin’ to scream and shout,
    I think we are reclaimin’ and this is what’s it about.
    So you wanna know how it’s like to be abused,
    You feel like dirt and that you only being used
    You feel so down and like you can’t escape.
    All you can think about is how you got rapped.
    You relationship crash and the go by the wayside,
    Cuz your family said your abuse was a fabrication and nothing but a dirty lie.
    You feel so heavy with all this weight,
    You look around for a way to scape.
    Every night your daddy, brother, uncle, come in your room,
    The way they treated you they might as well dug your tomb.
    The lied, they touched and showed you their penis,
    Makes me wonder why mom didn’t come between us.
    Brother touched me on my breast and my Virginia,
    Then when I told, he called me a no good lie-a’.
    Even the police said I couldn’t tell,
    That they can’t put my nasty uncle in jail.
    But that’s where DK and Reclaimers come in,
    Saying you dads are in nothin’ but sin.
    We say, we will be silent no more,
    Gonna on t.v and your front door.
    Whenever DK talks everyone is quiet as a mouse,
    Cuz she’s talking about startin’ a Reclaim house.
    I see Alice, Sally, and my friend Jane,
    Man these perverts drive me insane.
    But that’s ok, that’s alright,
    One day were gonna set things right.
    When you pervert come to our city,
    We’re gonna say we will have no pity.
    We’ll lock up you up for the rest of your life,
    And make sure never see your kids or your wife.
    Well, I hope this rap gets past the moderator,
    If so, goodbye, and I’ll see ya later.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.archer.75 Dawn Archer

    I can not wait for tomorrow’s conference, Saturday, August 11, 2012. It is going to be out of this world. Come one Come All!!!!!!!!

  • Minmail112

    I’ve realized how backwards my everyday functions and thinking had been before ReClaim. I have realized and continue to see how I was not living outward, but rather how I was caving in under the influence, dragging the effects of my abuse through life. By not understanding what had happened to me in that very moment of molestation, I went through life smothered, not able to enjoy people or things, or develop simple skills such as communication, relationships or confidence, as a healthy person should. Abuse affects every layer of a person’s being – how they feel about themselves and how they see the world (people and things) around them. My view was clouded and dark. My walk was heavy. I didn’t feel I was moving forward in life, in relationships, in my career, I felt stifled, because I was still holding onto the thinking I had as a child, of one who’s worth was stripped from her because of the selfish, heinous violation that happened to me, over 20 years ago. 
    Thanks to ReClaim and the understanding I have received through Dr. Kaye Smith’s teaching, I am free from that thinking, my worth has been redeemed, I AM moving forward and my deepest hope, my desire is that ANYONE who has been or knows anyone who is being abused, will step forward and be a voice to stop the perpetrators dead in their tracks!!! It’s time to stand up for the innocent!

  • Rdmrlvs

    Shhh….have you heard about my healing since ReClaim??? Have you noticed how I have become more trusting? I am not the angry, Control Freak I used to be.  I don’t wait for people to prove I should X them off
    of my list of friends.  My home is more loving.  I KNOW BETTER HOW TO TELL NORMAL FROM ABNORMAL THINKING!!!! ReClaim has made me a WORK IN PROGRESS not just a “failed project”

    I know it sounds corny, but before the conferences, I felt like I was alive but in a shell…a cocoon.  Now I feel like I can enjoy flight. Thank you Dr. Kaye and ReClaim!!! Thank you…..  

    • Anonymous

      Love it Post it.

  • Staceyp3

    Reclaim Global has changed my life and the lives of my family! The conferences were awesome and very informative. Dr. Kaye talks about issues that many people deal with that were sexually abused and puts them into perspective as to why they acted a certian way because of their abuse and patterns that seem normal. Very freeing and eye opening! Since I have been with Reclaim Global, I have noticed that I see things  and people differently. It’s like my eyes were uncovered from a very long bout with blindness! I have new desires I never had before. I am a much better wife, mother, friend, and person than I was before. It’s amazing when one of your children come up to you and tell you he wants to be like you and he has seen the changes you have made and it proud of you! Wow!! Heartwrenching and very insightful! My behavior has become controlled and toned down tremendously-I don’t have rages and wonder “what’s wrong with me!”  Dr. Kaye is amazing and I am truly grateful to her and this organization! I am honored to with them!!

  • Chrissy

    What have I learned?  That it is time for me to get off of crazy street and grow up!  I am still in the process of recreating myself into who I am to be.  As I am going through my recreating process  I hope to figure it out what career I am called to do and work towards it.  Right now all that I know is that it has to MATTER and not just something to exist in.  Also, I shared with my hubby that when we have discussions/arguments and he is waiting for me to say something or ask me what I am thinking, that it is in those times I am unable to put into words how I feel  or that my mind is completely blank.  Quoting from Dr. Kaye, ” You were just a little girl and you didn’t know how to put into words that what my abuser did was wrong and that you didn’t know how to tell anyone what had happened.”    This is something that I was never able to convey to anyone before.  I went from being abused maybe for the first time to a friends grandmothers house across the street who was over-bearing.  She had to play with the better baby alive doll even if it was mine.  I was just supposed to let her and have no say.  So it was Don’t tell anyone what we did because you don’t want to see your daddy in jail to you have to play with the baby alive with the black moldy dots all over it.  As myself & this friend grew up I had perfect C cup breast and she was jealous and my mom’s friend who constantly lifted my shirt in the front yard to look at mine cuz hers was much smaller.  I saw that as a curse from my dad’s side and reduced them years ago…….  I say all of that for the other thing that broke through at the conference… My mom did not protect me from our neighbor & her friend & that was Wrong also.  She will just never get it!  Awareness of how we as parents treat our kids has got to stop…. This is definately a God Thing that a friend from work shared Reclaim with me!  You have no idea how long my hubby & I have discussed this.

    I will stand with Dr. Kaye on Saturday for the “Holocust of Innocense” event on Saturday! Will you?  Let’s get together and free our kids & future grandkids and continue to give them the childhood that we were robbed of.

  • Babe7102

    And another layer of excitement is being peeled back!  To be a part of such a life-altering organization is surreal.  It’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together without ever having seen the original picture.  With every piece that is accurately fit together, the picture becomes just a bit more clearer, and the excitement continues to build.  My excitement is two-fold:  I’m so honored to be able to witness what is happening but also be a part of the support in any capacity; most important, to know that what is developing with ReClaim will forever change the lives of so many woman AND set the ground work to save the lives of even many more children!  No more will sexual abuse be able to thrive as a silent crime again!!!!! 

    I’m so excited for Saturday’s conference.  “The Holocaust of Innocence Tour and Documentary Project” is where I will be!

  • Freeatlast

    I wanted to share with you.  For years, I had been unable to eat melon; watermelon was especially disgusting to me.  Also, I did not like chocolate.  I am a black female and have been accused of not being black for not preferring the aforementioned!  LOL!!  During the last day of the ReClaim Conference, I was determined to recall the reason for not liking these food items.  IT CAME SLOWLY YET SURELY…..I began to smell the aroma of watermelon…my face began to change…immediately, my brain began to shut down…I said NOT SO, we are pressing onward today!!  It was revealed that abuser(s) would eat watermelon flavored Now and Laters!!!  THAT’S why the fragrance of watermelon, any melon for that matter, totally disgusted me…to the point of nausea at times.  Then….I dealt with the chocolate thing…almost as soon as a demand was placed upon recall, the memory (and it was not a nightmare thanks to Dr. Kaye) was upon me.  An abuser would rub chocolate onto my lips and labia and just help himself.  I was determined not to miss out on a portion of life because of of some fools’ dysfunction!  That very last day of the conference, I consumed a piece of chocolate…and…it was DELICIOUS!!  Yesterday, August 7th, I decided to go for the melon…all of them…cantaloupe, honeydew, and WATERMELON!  I consumed the fruit…there were two close friends with me…I LOVED THE MELON!!!  The cantaloupe was SO sweet!  The watermelon was refreshing!  Dr. Kaye, deliverance is a powerful thing!  Thank you SO very much!  Yes, I am exercising more since I have discovered chocolate…

  • Dee

    Dr. Kaye I thank God for you, I know you know that your labor is not in vain. The times you have invested in His children, your obedience, your thirst for knowledge and understanding; I pray your interest is returned to you and your family 100 fold. Through you and your families’ walk, many lives had and are going to be changed for the better. This connection was already His design, His destiny. It reminds me of a snowball, it might have started off small but along the way it got bigger and bigger. With the purpose of saving His children. I love my friend Dr. Kaye, Always in my heart, big hugs and kisses, your friend

  • Deebora1

    Reclaim is a organization on the move against sexual abuse. It is a force to be reckoned with.  I thank GOD for Reclaim Global and for the education it has provided for me and my family.  Coming from  a background of sexual abuse and not even understanding it caused me to marry the same thing that I was living in as a child. Had I had an organization providing me with the information that I have received from Reclaim; my children would have never suffered what they sufferred.  The ignorance of sexual abuse is awful!!! We must help Reclaim Global and other organizations like it to help fight sexual abuse and to help educate our chlldren, grandchildren, our parents, brothers, sisters, neices and nephews and the whole world. Mothers we must get educated and stay educated to stop the generations of abuse in our families.

    Stop the ignorance by coming out to support Reclaim Global as we host “The Holocust of Innocence” another organization bringing more awareness concerning the reality of sexual abuse!  Everyone needs to get educated because sexual abuse is rampant and we must fight back.

    Here’s your personal invite:  “The Holocust Of Innocence Tour  and Documentary Project” Conference
                                 Location: 8339 Baycenter Rd (Baymeadows area) at The Church Of Jacksonville   
                                     Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm 

    Your ignorance can cost you and your family so come out and get the education to help in the fight for our children to have safe and  healthy lives. See you there!!! 

  • Tq

    I totally understand and agree with you!

    • Anonymous

      Did this get posted. I want it too.. Clean up grammar

  • Babe7102

    Where do I begin?  We have always reminded that ReClaim is a process, and to honor that process.  So, the conference was another great opportunity to honor the process.  Although I am already a ReClaimer, the wisdom and principles taught are always as fresh dew.  Coming from a background of complete and total dysfunction, this Conference is reconnecting dead nerves and allowing me to recognize and understand the dysfunction but, MOST IMPORTANTLY, respond in a positive, more healthy way.  This journey for me has been heartbreaking at times.
    I liken it to experiences I’ve heard of people where they do not have the ability to physically “feel” things; their nerve endings, for one reason or another, are completely dead, and while their outter shell has the appearance of normalcy, they can’t experience the feeling of touch (hope I’m making sense).  Say, for example, the person puts their hand against a hot stove burner.  Although they cannot physically feel the heat and pain of their flesh burning, the rest of their senses are readily aware.  They can visually see their flesh burning, smell the burning flesh, hear the sizzling of the burner-to-skin contact, and possibly even taste it in the air.  However, nothing in their hand can allow them to feel that pain, but the consequences continue to manifest.
    That’s the same experience that hind’s sight and RECLAIM/Dr. Mama Kaye has revealed about my sexual abuse.  Not only am I continually getting the understanding, but the “nerve endings” are coming back to life in my hand to be able to retract my hand back so as to not get burned ever again AND to be healthy to the point of being in position to help others.
    I’ve purposed to be in this for the long haul; although this is only the beginning, what Mama Kaye has is priceless and I am beyond excited with what’s unfolding.

  • Felisha

    Reclaim Reclaim Reclaim!!!!!!!!!
    The Reclaim meeting tonight was great!!!**********
    Once again I was hit with the reality that I did not have a father in my life. Reclaim help me to understand what a father is. The person that I considered
    to be my father really holds the title of child molester. Through reclaim I was able to see
    that a father is not one who sexually or physically abuses their children. A real father protects and would hurt anyone who even thought of abusing his child.
    During reclaim I thought back and was able to see all the good memories that I had of spending time with him were tainted. He may have done something nice for me but
    the sexual abuse always came after. It has taken me over 40 years to acknowledge that I don’t have a physical father, but I am ok. I am grateful for reclaim because now I can make healthy and sound decisions. I now have boundaries in place. I can never have any type of relationship with this man who I thought was my father. He is a sick person and I can not give him chance to hurt me or my child. Reclaim help meto understand how he groomed me so many years and because of that I had many excuses for him, but no more. I hold this child molester fully responsible for the wrong he has done. I am so glad to be a part of reclaim. Reclaim means freedom. I no longer walk in fear !!!


  • Melisha Brinkley

    I cannot express how forever thankful I will be to Reclaim Global! It has changed my life in many areas. It has helped me as woman, wife, daughter, and a friend. Not only has it made a change in my life, but it has for my family members too along with so many ladies from all parts of our city and country! Wow! Thank you Dr. Kaye/ReclaimGlobal!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.archer.75 Dawn Archer

    I love how the conference’s have met me and others exactly where we are at. No matter how long I have been in Reclaim I always get understanding and receive healing in every conference. I am still learning. New wisdom will each Conference revealing how my sexual abuse has played a major role in my past dysfunctional behavior and any present dysfunctional thinking.

  • Joyfulwhyte

    I thought the conference was wonderful!!! You come away knowing your not alone and the conference is diffently a safe place. You don’t have to be silent anymore and others understand. Dr. Kaye is a wonderful teacher and she makes it simple also from the heart.

  • Anonymous

    So many people walk among us as the “walking dead,” because they are not able to speak out for themselves. They feel as though this awful crime in being sexually abused was somehow their fault, or they are to ashamed to say anything. There are many reasons why people chose to stay silent about this darkness. ReClaim is speaking out boldly, encouraging these individuals to take a stance against sexual abuse by breaking the silence of sexual abuse. Through ReClaim, I was able to give myself a voice, and I realized it was not my shame to carry, it was his! I have witnessed the brilliance of, Dr Kaye’s, ablity to help a woman who felt defeated and constantly tormented from the abuse, to a woman that boldly speaks out about the abuse and gaining a new hope in her life and become passionate about helping others. I have been with ReClaim since 2008, and Dr Kaye has the answers to help women to truly overcome sexual abuse, and to help mothers protect their babies against it. These past conferences have been phenomenal, countless testimonies of how ReClaim put them on a path to recreating their lives. Being apart of this movement is imperative for me, because I know if it helped me nd he women

  • Sarabell

    Dr. Kaye is always having meetings about what will happen next. She also takes time to help us in our personal lives. She gives us advice and allows us to discuss how we feel about things. I am so grateful to her for that. This means the world to me, since a sexual abused victim wonders how to live a normal life, and what is normal? I know I thought my thinking and behavior was normal. I get to see how others overcame this crime, see other’s strength, and learn form other people’s questions. When Dr. Kaye talks to the people at the conference, or in the meetings, it lets me know how much she really cares about me as an individual. She is trully happy to see me everytime, and values my opinion on the Reclaim vision. That makes me feel special. I need that, since I felt like crap growing up with an bsuive dad and because I was bullied in school. but Dr. Kaye doesn’t do that just for me, she listens, talks, pokes, and makes you face your demons, in a loving way, just so you can heal. She will say “you know that is not nomral right?” Or “why do you feel that way” then she gives you advice, or tells you how she sees the situation. She is dead on everytime! I am divorced, and for this reason, Im glad I am. If I was still married, I would have never gone to church and meet Dr. Kaye or went to Reclaim and found healing from my sexual abuse. Reclaim is not about relgion; its about healing, being heard, and about how to chnage your life by applying the skills that you learn in Reclaim. :) )

  • Linda Archer

    Looking back at my life after being in the 5 th Reclaim, and going through the 1 st Reclaim lobil confrence. I relized how totaly alone I realy was. I moved so much of my childhood, I never had any kind of lasting friendships. The people I choose to be around, let me refrase that, the people that let me hang around them where as messed up as I was. I thought after going through Reclaim 5 I thought I was okay. I was learned so much more about me in this last confrence, I can’t wait to see what I will gain from the confrence in October. For the first time in my life I have lasting friendships, and I am a part of a sisterhood beyond compare.
     Dr. Kaye is so amazing, with a understanding beound belief. I get so excited every time I get a chance to be under her teachings.  I have not just be Reclaimed as a person, I now can say I have a life worth living.

  • Faith Joyner

    The past conferences have been AMAZING but I am really EXCITED about the upcoming October conference!!  Dr. Kaye is going to reveal more insight on how to walk in freedom from sexual abuse/assault. Yes, even those who have already attended the previous conferences, it is still beneficial for you to come to the one in October.  I know this by experience.  I joined ReClaim in 2009 and I am free from the guilt and shame of sexual abuse but I still receive new wisdom on how to maintain my innocence every time Dr. Kaye speaks.  Dr. Kaye gives survivors of sexual abuse a safe place to speak their mind and to express the rage and anger they have inside of them.  This is needed in our society since we were always told to “be quiet” or “just forgive him/her”.  No more!!!  This is our time to speak out and get our healing so we can help other little girls escape the horrors of sexual abuse/assault.  They don’t have to go through what we went through but we have to help ourselves before we help others.  I got a sneak peak on the topics Dr. Kaye is going to speak about at the October conference…trust me, you don’t want to miss out!

  • cocoabutterchef

    When I joined Reclaim a few years ago, I had no idea what to expect.  I have gained so much wisdom and knowledge, not only concerning my abuse but my life in general.  I understand normal verses abnormal behavior, and thinking.  I am a better woman because of my ingrafting into ReClaim Global. We are truly a family!  Dr. Kaye is truly phenomenal!! At a recent meeting, we discussed opening a ReClaim House.  I cannot tell you how exciting this is for ReClaim Global and for all victims of sexual abuse! Having the ability to experience total healing in a home environment is truly brilliant!
    In my heart, I am throughly convinced that ReClaim is ”THE” answer to end sexual abuse in this world! I am a different woman, I wish you could’ve seen me before ReClaim, I was a hot mess! Now I get to join the “Mother of America” in helping women heal from their abuse, and spread education across this world like wildfire!  Hold on to your seats, ReClaim Global is going to change the way the world views sexual abuse!

  • Katwill911

    This conference has really accelerated me into planning my future and recreating myself. Before ReClaim, I felt as though I was marked for always being the one to be picked on. No one ever took time to help me see that I was innocent in this horrific crime. I use to buy into the things my parents said about me. Things like, I must have seduced my father, I must have wanted it because I didn’t tell and I would never amount to anything. I was seven years old when my father molested me!! How could anyone ever accuse a seven year old girl of seducing her father!! I look back and see how ridiculous it is now, but before, I believed it. I did not have a voice for myself and I was always walking around with a timid countenance. Now, I boldly declare, out loud, with a victorious shout….”I WAS INNOCENT, I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS, AND THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED TO ME!!” Dr Kaye, was so instrumental in pulling back the layers of my childhood sexual abuse and helping me to identify with different abnormal characteristics that stemmed from the abuse in my life. She introduced me, to the REAL me! For the first time in my life, I finally know who I am and that I have a purpose in life! I finally feel like there is hope for me and that I am not my past! I left this conference feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle everything in my life that poisonous and detrimental to my growth as an adult. I left with a new hope! I am able to relate to my husband and children more effectively. I have ReClaimed my life, my womanhood, my sexuality, my motherhood, I have ReClaimed ME! For the first time in a looonnnggg time, I feel good! Since the conference, I have sat down and mapped out a plan to invest in myself concerning all areas of life, especially in the arena of education and growth in character development. I am vibrant and full of life and is ready to help in any way I can concerning the movement of ReClaim. This movement is going to changes lives. People will finally be able to live for the first time and ReClaim themselves from their childhood sexual abuse. I will tell everyone of how this conference helped me, I am not ashamed, because it was not my fault, it is his shame to bear, not mine!

  • Reclaimed Forever

    The older I got, the deeper I kept burying my hurt and shame in a place of no discussion. I thought I had dealt with it in my own  way, it was gone. It wasn’t until ReClaim ,I realized that it was never gone, and apparently, will never be forgotten, because I had not truly dealt with how it was effecting me today.
    During the ReClaim sessions, Dr. Kaye taught me to search within myself the lasting effects my of abuse. Dr. Kaye’s teachings helped me touch my inner core and start dealing with things that were buried. I walked away each and every conference dusting off that dirty little box of shame realizing that it was never mine to begin with, helping me realize how many of my “quirks” are a direct result of things that were in that box. I didn’t think I needed these conferences,but in reality, its all I had, it helped to understand me, my inner child, letting her out to finally live, allowing myself to talk myself innocent, realizing this was not my shame to carry, I had/have nothing to be ashamed of. These sessions are so powerful, they will give you a new of meaning life and most important,it will give you your life back. I love Dr. Kaye for caring enough about the innocent child, the one with no voice. I am a witness as to how many women she taught to regain their voice and allow them to start liviing. I can truly say, that dirty little box, has been wiped off clean and now empty. Though I still struggle with thoughts and pain, that can at times be raw, I am able to deal with it in a different light, one that is no longer dark, because I have been ReClaimed. Forever Grateful to Dr. Kaye, No words to express my gratitude for genuine love and care.


  • Jane O’neal

    My head is telling me not to post because the RIGHT WORDS are not in my thoughts.
    This is where the voices of Denial the Devious and Deceptive monsters for lack of RIGHT WORDS have kept me for the greater part of these precious years here on earth.
    Why one may ask, of which;  moreoften I don’t or simply can’t respond because unconciously I want someone to help me yet there is no way because I am being embraced by a secret you nor anyone can know because I am now so inverted with this pain a dark discolered world of mutiness has taken over my being of which I know little of, because I am a child with no vocabulary of RIGHT WORDS to describe this. My appointed lot in life as I know it was to be this invisible little person NEVER to TALK, TRUST nor FEEL because of this CAPTIVITY of a little one now in a Living HELL with no Hope of EVER being transformed into one a loving mother and father would want for a precious child given to them.
    Now faltering somewhat if I should post these opening thoughts now feeling I will remain in this emotional drowning until I say if may that NOW I AM RECLAIMING my own once stolen now a precious life given back/taken back by the POWERS of this newfound group of RECLAIMERS that know and give me unconditional understanding.    
    Long overdue for this post and realizing that these same voices of (OLD) are still so prevalent in my psyche that my own true self can find RELEASE and KNOW this NEW RELEASE is a gift from a short lived LIFE in THIS GLOBAL RECLAIM movement by a very WISE WOMEN whom was founded by/for me through a channel of  media.
    Thank you Doctor Kaye Smith for your founding and authoring Global Reclaim.
    I feel these are the works of attending the conferences you have so graciously blessed us with. I want my voice back to keep forever yet know nothing will be  accomplished without  LOVE.which was a diminished grace I felt as a child victim in pain tagged (in thoughts and feelings) with a hopelessness through this process NOW choose to remain with this RECLAIM family and continualy Proclaim that this pain of abuse can NEVER own me as before.
    Still new with this new found group I still know/feel to be the baby fish so to speak and still KNOW you are with me and we are swimming together not drowning as we once  may have felt.  Better yet somehow I believe the water has been purified by our Doctor  Kaye whom I wholeheartedly love.  She is  love and grace in action for our well being as we were all born and long to be pure in our thought words and actions.  
    Thank you for opening this door for each and everyone of us to take back our lives Dr. Kaye.
    It was our given to live in peace and joy; moreso to be mentaly, physicaly and spiritualy reclaimed each day.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.archer.75 Dawn Archer

      Thank you Jane for the post. All-spiring. That you for the raw emotionality.

  • Colemanvb

    I know that since these conferences, especially since this last conference, I see life from a perspective a hopefulness and fullness that I couldn’t have ever imagined. I LOVE ME! I AM WONDERFULLY MADE AND I HAVE SOMETHING OF VALUE TO GIVE !!! I have said those words before but never fully embraced and believed them but it is new day. No more self-hatred, now I can receive the love of God and of others because I know that I am supposed to be a giver and a receiver of love. I have just scratched the surface of understanding and I welcome all the more insight and revelation that awaits me. I so thankful for Dr. Kaye and the anointed Reclaim workers for being the eyes, hands and heart of God in this earth. I really didn’t believe that Reclaim could heal me and transform my life. But I was so wrong. If you honor the process, it WILL change your life.

  • UCAN2

    What have the ReClaim conferences helped me understand about the mind of a pedophile? They NEVER STOP. They will ALWAYS want, do, think and feed on what they like to do to children. I am so grateful that I was given TRUTH. I was thirsty for it and didn’t even know because I was drowning in the lies I had been living and telling myself.  I thought I could  pretend it was over and behind me. I was good. No!!! It had to be rooted out. It was not my fault, We should have been protected by your entire family then and NOW, To be healed, really healed, I had to be taught how to Take Back what that nasty, evil person tried to claim (my peace, ability to trust,  who I was meant to be.) The little girl or boy inside of us needed to be rescued.  I can rescue me. Thank you Dr. Kaye. Thank you to all of the ReClaimers who walked, journeyed, cried and rejoiced with me through each revelation. 

  • Reclaimed

    Dr. Kaye, You saw a vision, the vision is happening and the effect from it is happening.  It’s just the beginning.  As I typed this tears are in my eyes, because of the Great Miracle you brought to my life that helped me to…to have a life.I was the one trying to kill myself at one time due to the abuse.  I tried to drink myself to death, taking pills like crazy and riding down the road over 80 to 100 miles per hour with crazy people just because I wanted to die.  Hope is something we cling to…..that things will get better…..I have Hope, but most importantly Life.Thank you! Thank you.

  • Toni

     Age 72- I had been dealing with depression for some years and I could not understand why I was unable to do things like clean up my own house, but now I am totally free.  No more depression and things are sparkling clean again.  
    I am so happy and a weight has been lifted off of me.  Thank you for loving on me the way you did and making me feel comfortable and taking good care of me.  Thank you all so much for everything.  The conference has healed me.  I am claiming my healing in my body, because I like standing up now, before I could not do that.  The conference helped me to stand.  

    Thank you Dr. Kaye! No one is too old to reclaim their life! 

  • Loutricia

    Reclaim has given me understanding and is helping me to be pliable – something I couldn’t do before because my soul was so spotted there was no room for hope. I’ve been in Reclaim with Dr. Kaye for the last six months and I am learning more about my authentic self having the opportunity to tell and to recreate myself is helping me to walk in a Good Christian Life! I am working on me now and trying to take my focus off others. No more “Emotional Blackmail” — not in my life.

  • Notashamedanymore

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Reclaim conference. I got understanding, peace, healing, and a breakthrough that I didn’t even know was possible.  I feel beautiful. I enjoy being a woman and more importantly I feel at peace about what happened to me.  Mama Kaye showed me the truth about how screwed up I really am. But she didn’t just “call me out”. She showed me how to fix myself which is something no one has done for me before.  I’m so grateful for Reclaim.  I hope that one day I can be as healthy, and healed as the other Reclaimers. But Reclaim taught me how to honor the process so I’m giving myself grace while I get more and more healed. This conference opened the door of happiness in my life and I will never let anyone close that door in my life again.

  • Feleiciah

    I can just see the hand of God working on getting me to this conference and I’m so glad he did. I got some much out, stuff that I had forgotten or just buried so deep down I thought it never existed. I am free and have more freedom to claim. I feel so different now, like a new woman and still have some homework and actions to progress towards which is great because I had nothing before the conference. The information was knowledgeable but I believe I obtained my breakthrough from exercises and round table discussions. Now it hurt to see my sisters sharing their abuse and me being angry for them because I felt that we are all so beautiful and could’ve been anything in life if this would have never happened. But it was good because I saw that a lot of them got their breakthroughs like I did. In the conference and even now, we have built a sisterhood and a bond that cannot be broken. I’m ready for the next conference, and the one after that, and the one after that.

  • Susan

         The last  Reclaim Conference was, as all of them have been, a tremendous success. The progress made among many of the new participants was visibly evident; their demeanor was more outgoing and even joyful!  Praise Goad for what He has done through Dr. Kaye–it is marvelous in our eyes!
         As for me, each Reclaim event brings another level of healing.  I am learning how the abuses affect(ed)
    every area of my life.  The conferences, combined with Pastor Mike’s teaching of the Word, have brought about an alignment of my thoughts, feelings, and actions with The Word.  The recipe for total healing has been laid out before us like a seven course meal.  It is up to each one of us to put it into action!

  • Jolene Dailey

    A heavy heart is sure to be light by the end of any one of the classes or conferences with Reclaim.. I have learned to live my WHOLE me life through the teachings and lesons… Though I am still a project in progess… everyday with Reclaim gets me closer to who I am a person in this world!

  • Bable7102

    ReClaim has become apart of me. If I see any hiccup along my walk of life, I am almost certain that what I have learned and continue to discover through ReClaim will bring a resolve to the situation. ReClaim is definitely a process, and I have no choice but to honor it if I want the authentic me to live day in and day out.

  • Sarabell

    wow! what did I NOT get out of the confernce is the real question. i got healing, revalation, knowlegde, life skills, attutide change, reslease, permission to be angry, an identy to voice and how I feel, the fact that I don’t have to park on crazy street. that this cirm is s life senetce, its silent, its killing america, that its remapnt, that abusers are sick and will keep abusing, a life long sisterhood, a realization that these people, including DK loves me, that this is a saafe place to fall, that this program really works, that I leran soemthing new everytime I hear it. that I have the tools now to combat instants that come up, that I need to weep for myself and other, that I need to rescue my little girl, that I need to recreate and relciam my life. on and on

  • cocoabutterchef

    I don’t feel like my previous comment gave a true feel for how much I enjoyed the ReClaim Conference.  I was a bound up mess, before ReClaim, addicted to pornography, thought I was a lesbian, self-esteem so low that dirt was higher than I felt about myself.  No confidence, no true identity, and lonely like you would not believe.  I had not had any good relationships with men, always drama of some sort.  The ReClaim Conference help me put many things into perspective.  I can assure you, no other conference of this type offers you what Dr. Kaye teaches. The journey that you go through to obtain healing is full of twist and turns, and you never know where she will end up, but when the smoke clears, you are pure gold on the other side. I often say that I trust this woman with my life, and that has not changed in the several years I have known her. She knows what this is like.  She is an expert! Every person who needs to be healed from sexual abuse needs to attend these conferences.  I believe ReClaim is the answer many people have been searching for.  There is nothing like it anywhere! My life is not the same, and it never will be.

    • sarabell

      I forgot to mention to DK that I have been in counseling for my abuse. so, you are right when you say there is NOTHING like this anywhere!!! people are just not equipped to handle this. not even churches. they don’t know what to say or do to get you to heasl, so they give you drugs or shock therey or whatever. we all know that reclaim is the ONLY thing out there to heal people from sexual abuse. Im glad you are reclaime,d my sister, my friend, and that you continue to help out in recaim. I don’t see any other comments you made before this, unless its not posted yet. :) )

  • ladygettingfree

    The biggest thing that this conference did for me was to reveal how very much of the constant issues and everyday anxiety in my life were tied to the abuse in my past.  It has really framed the way I see everything and everyone in my life.  Simply making this connection has made a difference.

  • cocoabutterchef

    One of the most pivitol conferences I have ever attended in my life.  Whenever sexual abuse is discussed, the details seem to always get lost in the shuffle.  Reclaiming innocence, power, and control of my thoughts has changed my life completely.  If you are really ready to deal with this issue, and not have it control your life anymore, I suggest you attend the next conference.  I am a better woman because of what Dr. Kaye shared.  She has the ability to take you back, rescue you and then teach you how to live a life that is vibrant and free.  I am happy to be vibrant and free!  I will be at the next conference in October….can’t wait.

  • Lndarcher

    Dr. Kaye spoke about life giving us lemons, but some of us were
    dealt rocks, and then expected to make lemonaid from them.
    Before I came to the Reclaim classes I new I was messed up
    I just didn’t know how messed up I was. When I started with Reclaim
    We also started the EPS and The parenting classes. I felt that
    I was doing okay, what I wanted to do then was help others
    Get the same healing that I received.
    When the conferences started I was so excited to be on the other
    side of the table. I have been stretched being a co – facilitator,
    I learned so much more about me and my little girl inside me.
    I learned not just about not being a victim, but to stop victimizing
    those around me. Before Reclaim, I spent half of my life with doctor
    To get over my past, since Reclaim I have gained life long friends,
    peace, and understanding in my life. I will no longer have to go to
    doctors for my childhood abuse again.

    • sarabell

      Befor the confernce, I didn’t think I was messed up at all. I was so negative and I would fall in the negative quicksand, but didn’t and couldn’t get out. I was sinking faster, and fater. there was a heaviness, a pressing, a darkness, a cloudness, and an unclarifitiness that was in my brain all the time. I reached out to others for help, but noone coud. I thought I would just leran soemthing, like I would in a classroom whne I came to reclaim. little did I know it lifted the cloudness, and hevainess from my mind, body and soul. I feel lighter, freeer, and healiter now. I still have probelms and still get jelous, or other negative feelings, and think of my abuse. but, now I have the tools to combat these thoughts, feelings, and actions, so Im no longer bogged down

  • SimplyLexi

    What to say about RECLAIM ….it takes a strong person to
    look in the mirror and see deeper then the surface. Reclaim allows you to go
    beneath the surface and see the real you…no lies…no hidden plots and half
    truths but the real you…going through RECLAIM is just the beginning, it gives
    you the tools to take hold of your life…it gives you a sisterhood of women
    who know what you are going through and is always there for you. RECLAIM pushed
    me to make changes in my life….I laughed…I cried…I dance…I yelled…and
    above all I lived!     

  • Faith Joyner

    As a facilitator at the ReClaim conferences I am amazed at how much healing took place with EVERY participant.  Dr. Kaye expounded on how sexual abuse/assault effects every aspect of a woman’s life.  In the beginning, many of the participants believed that they didn’t need to be there because they have already “dealt with” that issue or because they have “forgiven” their perpetrator.  However, they soon discovered that their feelings were only a mask to cover up the pain, guilt, and shame they had inside (I felt the same way before ReClaim).  ReClaim is THE ANSWER for true healing from sexual abuse/assault. Dr. Kaye, thank you for helping us take back our lives!

  • Heavensauntie

    The ReClaim Conference has peeled another layer of how my sexual abuse had infected my mind, soul, body, actions, thoughts in other words MY LIFE.  Seeing how the actions of my perpetuators warped my thought patterns and how it connects to some of my present behaviors.  Also seeing how the manipulation of the adults in my childhood and how I find myself view people and wondering why it had be so hard to trust, especially those individuals that are older than I am now.  The environment created an open atmosphere, A SAFE PLACE, to express your feelings about my sexual abuse.  It also helped with the table discussions, the question and answer sessions; hearing that I am not alone in my thoughts, feelings etc, truly helped.  The ReClaim conferences were fun also with the activities; helped to break the ice and also to meet new people that I can talk to, that understand me.
    The conferences have shown me, how I really am destined to be, not the lies I was told.  With new eyes I can truly start living and not just dropping anchor where I was dealt a bad hand. My choice is to RECLAIM my life.

  • T3unique

    The conference was amazing; just life changing. I enjoyed and learned how to get loose for the first time and feel free while doing so. Also, I had the opportunity to share with other women on how I just love sitting in the meetings for three years now and the continuation of healing I am still yet receiving is amazing. Everytime Mama Kaye speaks I am hearing something New to heal me of past abuse issues.

    Also as women spoke there was something I could relate to. Through there tellings….I recieved healing as well. It is so encouraging to see the process reach so many women and the healing that takes place; man. That last day of the conference was nothing but Smiling faces, including myself. The conference gave me more Hope that my future will not be like my pass. I am thankful.

    If you want a change in your life and tired of hiding/running from your abuse than RECLAIM is for you!!!!!

  • Candise

    I have been struggling trying to put into words what these conferences have done for me. I began thinking about the title of the conference…… “Reclaim”…… and what does that word really mean. So,  I looked up the definition of the word reclaim, and this is what I found:

    1. to make useful again, transform from a useless or uncultivated state.
    2. to get back something that has been lost or stolen.
    3. to demand the return or restoration of, as it is your right…(that’s my favorite :)

    I think that’s perfect. (I couldn’t have said it better myself.) Reclaim has made me useful again. Useful to myself, my children, my loved ones.  It has transformed me from a useless and uncultivated state. It has given me back something that was lost and stolen….. my voice, my esteem, my confidence, security, freedom, etc. And it has taught me to demand the return and restoration of what was so unfairly taken from me because I have a right to do so!!!!

    I didn’t think I needed to go to these conferences. I didn’t want to pull up old wounds. I thought I was over it. I thought I had forgiven. But going to these conferences were the best thing I could have ever done for myself, for my children, and for my family. I will never be the same.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Ms. Reclaimed

    • T3unique


      I too agree with you about the Definition of ReClaim is so fitting. ReClaim allows you a Total Reinvention of yourself. You think you know who you are but the abuse clouds up that image and view the of what you think is a Normal life. If your hurting it just hurts others around you as well. ….Like yourself others around me suffered, because there was nothing wrong with me; Right? Wrong so mess up I was but ReClaimed now….Congrats on your New ReClaimed Life.

    • Linda archer

      I like that, you are reclaimed ;0).
      I’m glad you made the decision for abreak through

  • Erwhiterose

    As I attended these conferences, I did so with hesitancy.  I thought my hesitancy was due to my thinking that the sexual abuse that I experienced as a child was acknowledged, accepted and dealt with a long time ago.  Each time that I went, afterwards I said to myself ok I’m done.  But due to realizing that it was the child in me telling me that she was in control drew me back each time to the conferences.   Deep down inside I knew I had to see this through and come out on the other side.  As Dr. Kaye stated these conferences were not for the faint hearted!  But I soooooo apreciated that.  It was great to be among with women and be under the guidance of Dr. Kaye who kept it real. God was there with us regardless of what came out of us.  Thank you Dr. Kaye for being real and true, so that I can be.

    • Lndarcher

      So many of us said the same thing both before and after the conferences.
      Life for you will never be the same again. You are now apart of the Reclaimed

    • sarabell

      I didn’t think I needed recalim either. i thought I was over it, and healed. i thought it would be like a class in college where I took notes and learned soemthing, and that was it. Litlle did I know it would change my life for the better, and set me on the road to helainess and hapiness

  • Sfavored1

    These conferences have changed my life!! It has provided real answers and practical help for those things that challenge us. They even address those areas of life that I never expected had anything to do with my childhood sexual abuse. These conferences reach deep within me and I believe I have more tools to use and improve my life. Thank you Dr. Kaye.

    • T3unique

      I am proud of you for identifying the tools and choosing to use them to be better!!!! ReClaim Digs Deep right to the root or core of it all. Equipping you to deal with life on a daily basis, monthly and even yearly…..when comes to things like the past, family members and the abuser as well. Proud of your Success.